Premium beers for the common people

We are all Ofrälse

Ofrälse is an old Swedish word which means common people. Unless you belong to the nobility, you belong to Ofrälse. Our name is reflected in the beers we make. We exist to bring you exciting flavors and quality ingredients without a crazy price tag. To put it simply, we make premium beers for the common people.

Introducing Hop City

This NEIPA is packed to the brim with the finest of hops. Inspired by the neon light filled night clubs of the 80s Miami. You won't be disappointed after being brought right back to HOP CITY!

The Big Cone

The Big Cone is filled to the edge with the biggest hop cones we could find, making it a juicy haziness we know you'll love.

Galactic Blueberry

This thick blueberry sour tastes as if it came straight from the deep forests or Scandinavia. With an ice-creamy touch, we know you'll love this one.

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